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The golden age of working in the hair and nail salon industry is over. It’s now the eyelash extension era, which comes with the potential to earn a six-figure salary.

At Lash Pilot Studio and Academy, we specialize in applying the latest eyelash extension services to our clients in Santa Monica and Greater Los Angeles. Our academy offers lash training classes to individuals who wish to enhance their careers and become Lash professionals. 

Our academy’s mission is to promote the empowerment of women and female entrepreneurship. We do so by helping women develop the technical skills necessary to launch their own business and be their boss. Women entrepreneurship means being financially independent, not relying on anyone else, and generating enough income to be fully in control of your future.

The golden age of working in the hair and nail salon industry is over. It’s now the eyelash extension era, which comes with the potential to earn a six-figure salary.

Learn with us

Lash Pilot Academy accommodates all its student’s needs and schedules. We understand if you have other commitments that you need to juggle, and we make an effort to make sure that you can get our lash extension mentorship at times that are comfortable for you. 

We provide two specialized lash artistry classes for those passionate about learning from our lash educators – individual private one on one training, as well as small group-focused training. Both classes allow our students to work directly and closely with our lash instructors, meaning that they get the attention and time needed to develop their skills truly. Our ultimate goal is to provide our students with the confidence and technical ability to become thoroughly professional lash stylists.

Why Lash Pilot Academy

  • Receive professional, certified training over 6 months
  • Paid apprenticeship opportunities
  • Free training kitsLash Pilot Academy included in the course
  • Get hired after graduation
  • Customizable payment plans available (Please contact us)
  • Earn your investment back and more
  • Free listing with Lash Pilot
  • Artist Locator Service
  • License to use the Lash Pilot Artist logolist
Lash Pilot Academy Instructor 1

Let our lash instructors pick you up on your lash career journey!

Meet our instructor:

Quynh-Tram Vu is the founder of Lash Pilot Academy. A mother of two, industry leader, and educator, Tram’s in-depth knowledge and experience in this industry is reflected by her reputable studios and academies located in Santa Monica, California and around other Los Angeles areas.

Starting in 2001, Tram has worked in the beauty business for 18 years, and now has a full decade of experience as a lash artist. Over the years, her passion for teaching and empowering women has grown. As a business owner and instructor, Tram understands the struggles of trying to be financially independent. Her teachings focus on how to overcome these struggles by becoming a lash professional.

This is what drove her to form the Lash Pilot Academy in downtown LA. At the Lash Pilot academy, you’ll discover a world-class lash extension training course equipped with the latest and greatest techniques applied in the lash industry. The academy believes in setting an example for their students to become financially successful and girl bosses in their own right. In Tram, we have a successful business owner as our shining example.

Tram has utilized her skill and talent in creating an innovative curriculum based on her business insights cultivated over time as a salon owner. She has customized and defined each course for her students so that all aspects are covered, including the fundamentals of lashing, the application process, product knowledge, and styling.

Despite her years of experience, Tram has never stopped learning about and honing her craft. She continues to travel throughout the world, attending events and seminars, working alongside other lash experts to bring back her expertise to her lash practice.

Offered Courses

Foundation Lash Extension Course

The Foundation Class
Classic Lash Extension course ​

  • Great for beginners, no prior experience required
  • Classic set eyelash extension 101
  • Receive training in theory and practice
  • Lash Pilot Academy Accredited Certificate
  • Free training kit included
  • Discounts on products
Foundation Class for Eyelash Extensions

The Dual Class
(Russian Volume & Classic)

  • Great for students with prior eyelash experience
  • Individual who like to advance their skills from classic lashing to mega volume techniques
  • Hybrid Extension 101: Russian Volume and Classic
  • Receive two Academy Accredited Certificate: Classic and Russian Volume
  • Free Training kit included
  • Discounts on products

Hands-On Apprenticeship Class

  • This course is specially tailored to your personal needs
  • Must have CA esthetician or cosmetologist license
  • Perfect for certified graduate students and entrepreneur individuals who seek guidance to break into the lash industry workforce
  • The lash technician who wants to increase personal productivity and enhance personal effectiveness
  • Ability to train and work in the real-life salon environment

What are Students Saying:

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The class is well organized and structured. With the close eye of Tram, I was doing extensions on a real model 1/2 way through day 1 and by the end of day 2, left with the tools, skills and confidence to coninue on my own. Tram is a great teacher! She breaks down every aspect and helps you to master each skill, from tweezer work to removal, before moving on. I seriously cannot say enough good things about this experience
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Training with Tram is the best! She is so patient and has the most in-depth knowledge of the industry that you could only get through years of professional experience. I was able to learn the latest techniques, launch my new career, and still raise a family. Thank you, Tram!
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Lash Pilot Academy has changed my lash game & career! I took my first Classic Lashing Foundation course with the instructor, Tram. As a beginner, I was hesitant and on the verge of giving up. However, Lash Pilot trained me to become better at the art of lashes and not to give up. I’ve learned a lot from Tram, and I appreciated that she offers a one-day course that is super hands-on. I found the course beneficial, insightful, and their teaching technique are real tips from a real professional. I was able to use double tweezers within the first half-hour of the class. The course price is a little more pricey than other places, but the value and unlimited support made it all worth it. The course is very informative, and I highly recommended it.

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