The Dual Class (Russian Volume & Classic)

Dual-Coarse-Russian Volume
  • Great for students with prior eyelash experience
  • Individuals who like to advance their skills from classic lashing to mega volume techniques
  • Hybrid Extension 101: Russian Volume and Classic
  • Receive two Academy Accredited Certificates: Classic and Russian Volume
  • Free Training kit included
  • Discounts on products

Course Overview

Hybrid Russian & Mega Volume Lash Training:

Our dual-class is an advanced training course introducing students to Hybrid Russian & Mega Volume lash training. This class is suitable for those who already have experience with the lash industry or basic knowledge of the lashing foundation.

This class is for the individual who wishes to learn advanced techniques to transition from classic lashing to volume lashing. The student will be learning the introduction of a hybrid set; Russian Volume and Classic lash extensions. Use techniques in applying applications, correct fan placement, eye shape correction, patterns, mapping, styling, one on one practice, and business guidance ship.

By the end of the Classic & volume lash training in Los Angeles, students will have a piece of better knowledge in fan-making, applying, identify lash types, length, weight, shapes, mapping, and how to select a lash based on the client needs. This class will allow students to use their creativity as lash stylists to design and create their signature look. The student will have better knowledge in choosing the right style for each client to suit her eyes and enhance her best features.

This class is available in private (1-1) training or a small group (4-6) setting. At Lash Pilot Academy, we aim to keep our class at a minimal size. This allows our instructor to better interact with the student personally, focus on details, and provide the undivided attention they need.

Course Agenda

THEORY: Understanding Hybrid Russian Volume & Mega Volume Lash Extension Training.

Mega volume is an advanced lashing technique using two to six lightweight lash extensions applied per natural eyelash.

  • Introduction of Mega Volume lash theory
  • Volume VS. Classic
  • Identify differences of clusters and pre-made clusters
  • Introduction of a Hybrid set: Russian Volume and Classic Set
  • What is Hybrid Set Extension?
  • Russian volume on and off the strip techniques
  • Face studies and eyeshade symmetry
  • Ombre Russian Volume Techniques

PREPARATION: Demonstration and Procedure

  • Preparation of tools and workspace
  • Preparing volume fans, set up, and selection of the lash type
  • Use of technique volume fanning, lash mapping, and analyzing lash patterns
  • Learn types of eyelashes, size, ratio, and how to apply them properly
  • Learn how to design popular shapes: Almond, Doll, Kitty, Cat Eye
  • Practice on lash separation and attaching

PRACTICAL: Designs and Removal Techniques

  • Application of mega volume lashing
  • Lash fan-making and mapping for a smooth transition
  • Eyelash styling guide technique
  • Refill and Removal techniques
  • Adhesive and Disinfectant Theory
  • Eyelash extension aftercare tips
  • Tips and Tricks
  • Do’s and Don’ts
  • Perform on a live model

BONUS: Creating Illusion and Customization

  • How to create an eyeliner effect
  • How to create a strip lash effect
  • PRO Tips on mega volume and hybrid set
  • How to use your time effectively and pricing method
  • Learn the latest trends of lash look and designs

Q’s & A’s: Questions and Answers

  • Performance Evaluation and Feedback
  • Troubleshooting
  • Areas of concern
  • Building a professional profile and Social media
  • Marketing insight tools
  • Picture perfect showcasing portfolio
  • Eyelash extensions business knowledge 
  • Final Quiz

Upon Completion

The student will receive and certified from Lash Pilot Academy:


  • Two Accredited Certificates: Classic and Russian Volume
  • Lifetime support and mentorship
  • Course manual and student kit
  • Client file sheets and waivers
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The class is well organized and structured. With the close eye of Tram, I was doing extensions on a real model 1/2 way through day 1 and by the end of day 2, left with the tools, skills and confidence to coninue on my own. Tram is a great teacher! She breaks down every aspect and helps you to master each skill, from tweezer work to removal, before moving on. I seriously cannot say enough good things about this experience
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Training with Tram is the best! She is so patient and has the most in-depth knowledge of the industry that you could only get through years of professional experience. I was able to learn the latest techniques, launch my new career, and still raise a family. Thank you, Tram!
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Lash Pilot Academy has changed my lash game & career! I took my first Classic Lashing Foundation course with the instructor, Tram. As a beginner, I was hesitant and on the verge of giving up. However, Lash Pilot trained me to become better at the art of lashes and not to give up. I’ve learned a lot from Tram, and I appreciated that she offers a one-day course that is super hands-on. I found the course beneficial, insightful, and their teaching technique are real tips from a real professional. I was able to use double tweezers within the first half-hour of the class. The course price is a little more pricey than other places, but the value and unlimited support made it all worth it. The course is very informative, and I highly recommended it.

Course Costs $899

Lash Pilot Academy Foundation